A number of Features of Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete coatings provide great value to modern-day construction projects. The evolution of ordinary functional concrete into one with ornamental and decorative functions widened the buzz of concrete inside the building industry.

Here are five main aspects of decorative concrete coatings applications over ordinary concrete or non-concrete applications:

1. Aesthetic enhancement

Gone were the days when concrete is only a big grey slab of cement utilized as a foundation for carpets, tiles, linoleums or wood floorings. Decorative concrete coatings help this cement slab transform into a beautiful flooring solution that may stand on its own without help from another ornaments.

Stamping can often be utilized by painting contractors to create artistic designs and patterns in freshly-poured cement mixes. Artful stamping can mimic the appearance of stone, bricks, slate or wood. The finished product may also take on many interesting hues, which enable it to also mix with tiles, aggregates, stones or rocks to get a more artistic effect.

Stamped concrete bring beautiful pavers. They are safer and much easier to use and keep. So when an alternative for traditional masonry, these decorative concrete coatings applications have a longer useful life as opposed to former.

2. Design flexibility

As floor finishings, decorative concrete coatings applications offer amazing design flexibility. They can be used to create stamped, acid-etched, stained or polished floors, which can be cheaper options to traditional and dear floor coverings. Polished floors, especially, are utilized in lots of public venues for his or her simplicity of maintenance, durability, and excellent reflectivity to options for light.

Polished floors need only a polishing primer and concrete grinding, or decorative concrete coatings and polishing equipments, to turn the cement slab in a beautiful glossy floor finish.

3. Long service life

Because concrete is durable and powerful, it possesses excellent rigidity that may tolerate nearly all sort of physical impacts. With decorative concrete coatings, the strong cement foundation is turned into beautiful flooring systems with superior strength as well as a long service life.

This flooring strategy is nearly impervious to the kind of load and deteriorates less quickly than traditional floor systems. Using the putting on protective and ornamental concrete coatings, they are much more resistance against damages from chemical, water, wind, along with sources.

4. Economy

Because decorative concrete coatings applications go longer and also have stronger resistance to damages, they're not repaired or replaced usually. This lessens the price tag on maintenance to the facility. Cleanup in the flooring systems is not very complicated, requiring only minimum re-polishing or cleaning, thus the charge for clean-up is also lesser.

5. Environment-friendly

Decorative concrete coatings applications have critical importance in green construction projects. They support energy-efficiency efforts, because of the capacity to maintain comfortable inner temperatures inside the building and as a consequence decreasing the using HVAC systems. A number of these coatings may also be designed for light-reflectivity, preventing the creation of "heat island" effect by preventing sunshine and reducing temperatures.

Unlike conventional wall and floors, additionally they contribute lesser to near-zero VOC emissions. Airborne dust are often removed from their surfaces, and protective coatings provide good waterproofing, inhibiting harmful bacterial growth and maintaining good indoor air quality.

Decorative concrete coatings applications combine beauty and functionality into one complete package, making it a well known and practical flooring solution in almost any facility.

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